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Graph of Virginia Death Sentences versus Number of Murders

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What You Will Find Here
Questions about what you will find here or where to find it? Click here for an overview of the site and a guide about how to use it.

Litigation Guides
Look here for litigation guides for future dangerousness and Ex parte hearings, among others.

Jury Instructions
Look here for supplemental instructions intended to fully apprize the jury of its sentencing responsibilities. These can serve as a starting point for drafting your own sentencing instructions.

Motions Bank
Motions available for use at trial. Many of these documents require changes and tailoring to the facts of your specific case.

Verdict Forms
Draft verdict forms for use at trial.

Capital Defense Resources
Browse capital case data, a guide to the Code of Virginia as it pertains to capital murder, or a list of links to other online capital defense resources.

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